Fashion Week Comfort

Fashion week has officially launched, and everyone in the city is starting to feel it. Whether directly involved or not with the hard-working glamour, people can’t help but notice the busier streets, a camera crew outside of every major building and fashion creatives taking the press by storm.

Feeling Fierce

Just like the featured wolf on my shirt, I’m feeling fierce in the best way possible. It’s the end of the summer daze and somewhat of a peaceful retreat from living in a stressful city. So like everyone else, I’m setting the gears in motion. Ready for the transition.

The Happiness Uniform

It’s time to brighten up the day in the simplest of forms and start wearing a hint of color. Yes, it’s time to step away from the standard black and white and to stop listening to those who say it makes every outfit. News flash: it can become boring and dull no matter the chic intentions.

Summer Essential

The headline does not lie. Everything worn in these pictures are key pieces I haven’t been able to live without this summer. And of course, Im decked out in the everlasting neutral, black. Although, hopefully the nature-filled background helps to offset this modern fashion dilemna.