Saturday Night Enhancers

There is no such thing as too many beauty products. In fact, makeup is a representation of how we want others to see us; a lovely tool for evening preparation. So why not grab that new deep red lipcolor at the makeup counter? You are, after all, looking to enhance your best self. Advertisements

Penny Pinching Spray

Take ahold of your money, salvage the last cent on the neighborhood sidewalk and scrape the couch clean as it’s time to save for the ultimate luxury. Oh the extravagance, a word that makes the unaware cringe and the pining heart desperate for a packed bank account.

Cleansing Trio

Summer is finally here and that means that I can “actually” begin my beauty routine. I’m not one to have set routines, hence the ” “, but since my summer break hit a few weeks back, these three products have been my go-to every day.