I’ve always loved the idea of the “fast life.” Having so many dreams and ideas circling around my head everyday, it was finally time to act upon it. Coming from a small town in Maryland, I’ve picked up my life to attend college at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City to pursue a degree in Marketing.

You can find me exploring all the new things to do in the city with friends, obsessing over the latest fashion trend or sitting in a local coffee shop, drinking an iced latte (my favorite) and working from my laptop. It’s true when they say there’s never a boring day in the Big Apple.

Growing up, there’s always been a strong belief of spiritulality within my immediate family. My mother is an intuitve visionary, one that helps others on a daily basis. While also having the gift along with my two younger sisters, we look to pass along peace and guidance to others.

Now while working in the fashion industry and practicing spirtual serenity,Β I’ve blended some of my most loved passions to bring you a positive, fashion forward diary of my life. Take a look.


For all Business Inquiries email me: taylorfashion411@gmail.com

Connect with me on Facebook:Β https://www.facebook.com/itstaylorbushey/


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  1. You should do a post on Reiki healing. I’m really curious about this form of healing, but haven’t had the time to explore further. I do enjoy yoga, especially yin yoga, and they borderline therapeutic for me (person with stiff limbs and ligaments and massive bouts of upper-back pain)… also would like to learn about cost and time commitments regarding reiki healing …


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