Top Caffeine Spots NYC

Time to for the daily caffeine fix to take full effect for a secured productive day. And that Starbucks on every avenue and block sometimes just doesn’t cut it. So of course, being in New York City, we want to see the good locally crafted coffee. Whether it’s for the overloaded college student, the overworked business man or for a local hang out spot during the week, these top five places have been my go-to since being here. So please, by all means, go snag your espresso shot. You’ll need it after a day of being in a grueling city.

 Brooklyn Coffee Company

Sort of a city chain, this place is my go-to when I need to lock myself away to finish homework. An iced latte always in hand while typing away at the keys. The café has a happy atmosphere and the employees are always welcoming.

Bean and Bean

This place is never not packed. I love their mocha lattes and they have a specialty cinnamon coffee that looks amazing. If I have time, I try to stop by before class or I’ll meet my friends there on weekends. It’s the definition of a modern trendy café.

Ost Café

Always a good hang out spot during the weekends. The shop has a vintage appeal and feels homey on the inside. Knowing me, I love lattes and they certainly don’t disappoint. Although seating is limited, so on weekends it can get a little crowded.

Café Grumpy

As my first local café in the city, this one has a sentimental feel to it. It was one of the first places I went with my new roommates. With fast service and exceptionally good pastries, I’ve found my way back a few times after.

Gregorys Coffee

Also a chain, this place is perfect when I’m in a rush. Instead of coffee, I like purchasing their teas for a quick refreshment.  


11 thoughts on “Top Caffeine Spots NYC

  1. I’m such a coffee addict! I love finding new cafes in the cities I visit. Good recs for NYC, but I suggest put the address in your blog? or put in a Google map? Because NYC is a big place, and I have no idea where these are (Brooklyn? Upper West? Upper East? Tribeca? TS?) *stopped over from Blogging Boost FB* 🙂


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