Top Meditative Spots in NYC

After returning to the city for my second year of college adventures, I’ve realized that the hassle of the city can always get to be a little too much for nearly anybody. And while it would be nice to escape to somewhere like the Hamptons or an exotic place halfway around the world, it’s not realistic for someone who just doesn’t have the budget. I’m after all paying off the dreaded student loans with the lovely part-time job we all have to work at some point.

So while going through daily life in the smoggy city, it is my best interest to keep my sanity and learn the best places to relax, even if for only five minutes.

The Chelsea Piers

 You can pretty much find me here at least once a week. Whether wanting to release the stress from a grueling class or having the desire to watch the sunset, it’s one of the most calming places for me. Normally I’ll put a crystal in my pocket and sit on one of the benches with a view of the water and ground myself for the time I’m here. Worries slowly escape and reality grows quiet as I take in the beauty of the pink skies.

Central Park

For starters, it’s a huge area that makes it easy to be by yourself. Another one of my favorites, I normally enter in the middle of the park and find myself walking on a quiet pathway. This place allows for me to sharpen the intentions of my thoughts and wipe away any unnecessary emotions.   

Cony Island Beach

At first thought, this place could seem like a mess of people, but learning to block them out with headphones and eyes on the waves crawling up the shore, it’s actually pure bliss. The beach is one of the best ways to connect back to nature and this is one of the most accessible places in the concrete jungle. So rid yourself of the idea that it will be a busy mess and make the trip. No one ever said you had to go with a group either. Sometimes a lone venture is of the greatest therapies.


It’s practically skyscraper county, so it’s not hard to find a rooftop to chill on. Also known as a quiet location with a great view, it’s easy to look down at the hustling people down on the streets below. Take a few minutes of your morning to go out on top and release any anxiety to the air around you.   

The Subway

No one is exempt from taking public transportation here. However, to make the most of your travels to each destination, it’s best to silently tune out others as you prepare for your new adventure upon arrival. Close your eyes, plant feet on the ground and take a deep breath to relieve any current worries as you don’t want them affecting future endeavors.

With each location, there are plenty of others to find in the most stressful and busy city around. If not, then create one and make it count to visit as much as needed. And remember, we all need a break at some point.


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