Reiki: The Best Form of Healing

“And yet the light still strives through the cracks”- Anonymous

Holistic healing has no doubt grown in popularity over the last several years. Ancient methods are once again taking the spotlight for the simplest fact ever– they work. I get it. Some types of medicinal approaches are different, and well, a little over the head of understanding at times.

However, I’m telling you this one is a real winner.

Reiki is a powerful healing tool that dates back far before our time. In the best way to describe it, the method involves a trained practitioner moving a body’s energy (of any living thing) through light touch or hovering. Energy from source flows out of the individual to provide healing to physical pain and can help relieve many medical issues.

Cancer for example, is one of the many diseases that reiki can help relieve. Hospitals around the world are starting to incorporate the method by hiring trained staff. Johns Hopkins always has someone readily available as well as several shock trauma units airlifting victims from accidents for care.

Sessions typically last an hour, but just a few minutes can create instant change within the body.

Anyone can perform reiki on others, but they must take the class first. No special talent required other than an open mind.

My mom is the first person who was able to get me involved with this idea of healing. A few of her friends are highly trained reiki practitioners that have their own businesses and clients to work with and heal. While seemingly going against normal thought of medicine, it’s a wondrous tool that has forever changed my life.

This past summer I finally had the chance to take two of the four classes offered in my hometown, and left officially certified as a level two reiki practitioner. With enough practice, it is with my best interest to continue taking more classes.

Since then, I’ve left for my second year of college and already helping many with the practice. Family members, my roommates and even some friends are just to name a few.

And the practice not only helps them, but also the person giving the healing. It is energy after all, so the person administering reiki will feel recharged during each session. They can also do reiki to themselves.

As I continue to learn and grow this practice will be alongside with me in more than one way. Being a psychic medium, reiki also helps to open the third eye more than before which go together when healing others. It helps me see where I need to go or why a person would need to be healed in one spot more than another.

I’ve changed so much with the practice, and find that this is only one small step for more monumental transformations as I become older.


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