Family Can Be Placed On A Shelf

Exactly what the headline means, family can be admired from afar. They don’t have to be with you every step of the way. Of course we want them to be, but it isn’t something that happens all the time.

It’s almost a scary subject. A different and unusual perspective than what we’ve grown up with, and now we’re going against taught intuition. We’re always told that there’s nothing better than family, but the same blood type and similar DNA shouldn’t create any false impressions.

Too many times in a life we will hear about the abuse administered by a loved one, and in a place that’s supposed to be known as the safest. We hear about family going against each other and creating the upmost hurt. Whether physical or with words that sting like venom, it’s all the same.

Starting at a young age, we grow up with observant minds that watch the actions of those older than us. Interactions of divorce-bound parents or cousins with questionable actions leave a preset in the mind that we all grow with. And we tend to hold onto those thoughts for as long as possible. The saying we are our parent’s children never seems to ring more true.

I’m not writing this because this has happened to me and I want to stand around and preach it. Typing away at the keys, I’m bringing forward a topic that we are all subconsciously aware of and have experienced, but now need to act to secure our own right for peace of mind. A few friends of mine sit with grieving and upset people as their career and 99.9 percent of the reason for their discontent rides on an unhappy home.

We want our family to be there for us and support everything that we want to achieve. Who wouldn’t? But there are too many times where they don’t understand our line of thought or how we process our own actions. “I didn’t go to art school, so why should you?” said their mind after your grand announcement of acceptance.

And it’s not something they have to do either. We can’t teach others to think differently, but we need to acknowledge that no one will ever think the same– completely normal.

So as a lesson to all who seems to deal with this situation, it’s time to take some of your loved one’s input more lightly than usual. We don’t have to grow up thinking the same way as them. We can go about our daily endeavors the way we intend. Family is “supposed” to be there to guide our actions in a positive way, not in a way that limits our own dreamscape.

As a wise woman once told me, family can be put on a shelf. They don’t have to be a part of every decision made, or around if they don’t treat you the right way. A stranger isn’t allowed to put us down, so why should someone that we’ve known all our life be tolerable for their unacceptable actions?


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