Feeling Fierce

Just like the featured wolf on my shirt, I’m feeling fierce in the best way possible. It’s the end of the summer daze and somewhat of a peaceful retreat from living in a stressful city. So like everyone else, I’m setting the gears in motion. Ready for the transition.

Not going to lie, this is an old shirt. Making it all the way through high school and now a second year of college, the dark over-sized tshirt has earned a respectable placement in the closet. Helping me through a few days of added confidence, spicing up a hallway filled with oversized hoodies and yoga pants, it’s quite the head turner.


A power tool and the reason for it staying so long.

Styled with a pair of distressed jeans, it gives the look an edgy feel. My platforms compliment the overall vibe of the outfit and match the same tone of the special wolf tee.


Finishing off the look, I add my favorite reflective aviator sunglasses and wear my hair in it’s oversized curly form.

If I wanted the outfit looking more polished, a leather jacket would be added and a pair of black heeled booties would replace the platforms

Snag the Look

Shirt- Local Boutique
Jeans- American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes- Steve Madden
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe


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