Your Complete Guide to a Successful Meditation

The day has finally ended and you have now found quiet time at last. To use this time to it’s full benefit, I take a few moments to relax and meditate to refresh and restore my energy for the next day. This helps to relieve any stress taken on during the daily course of events, and one of the best ways to find instant healing in whatever endeavor you might have encountered. So here are my steps leading into some of my best meditative moments.

  1. Absolute Quiet

Without completing this first step, a meditation will not be a successful one. Find a place where you feel at peace, a special area where you know where you won’t be bothered for a few minutes. For me, a park or my bedroom work perfectly. This quiet space will help you when trying to find yourself in a relaxed state.

  1. Pick out a Crystal to Hold

A crystal helps to center me while going through my meditation. The one chosen should be picked by preference and help with struggles you’re having during that moment in time. Amethyst or rose quartz tend to be my normal choice as they clear negativity and offer love and protection.

  1. Listen to Peaceful Music

Either make a playlist or go grab a CD to play. My mom, who meditates just about every day, has a whole stack of CDs lined up and ready to go. The music helps keep yourself centered and I find it a good way to focus and not let my mind wander into anything negative.

  1. Find your Place of Peace

When I finally get in the zone of comfort and close my eyes, I find myself in nearly the same place each time. Water is a constant calming feeling for me and I always am near or in the ocean with water colored with the prettiest blue. I then have images or colors flash at me while I meditate, receiving spiritual messages and symbols.

A meditation may last as long you want. Whether an hour or five minutes, it’s better than not meditating at all. Each session helps you see more clearly and have a more positive outlook with future adventures. Have a journal handy and write down each symbol or interaction you may recall. There’s not one wrong thing you may see or feel as it’s all tailored to specifically you. Sometimes you might not feel like you experience anything at all either which is equally just as magnificent.


One thought on “Your Complete Guide to a Successful Meditation

  1. This is great advice for a very specific contemplative meditation with an external focal point!

    I think a lot of people get intimidated by the idea of meditation practice because they think there’s only one way to meditate, but the reality is that anything in life can be a meditation with the right mindset and heartset. I meditate while dancing sometimes, others while drawing and painting, sometimes while snuggling my kiddo. It just depends on what resonates with me at the time. 🙂


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