Recognizing the Misunderstood

“Don’t try to explain yourself to people if they don’t get you. They don’t get you. It’s that simple.” –Anonymous

In every life event, social group or anywhere that your soul may wander, there will be a time where one person doesn’t understand the other. They won’t comprehend why someone thinks the way they do or how they act upon those thoughts. And I’m not excused from this as I’ve dealt with it all my life first hand.

It starts when you find there is no agreement, only differences. There’s nothing wrong with it either. After all, it is the main reason this world has so much to offer.

However, that non-existent feeling of annoyance begins to creep into a slight one after continuous encounters. Then it builds into a problematic situation. You might work with this person, partner with them in class or yes, even live with them.

Each side of their arguments always seems to start out with the disapproval from what the other has done wrong or when they give what they think is a “perfectly good reason” for their behavior. They stand there with discontent wanting to fix whatever happened, but the heightened anger during confrontation makes it near to impossible. Seen it and experienced it all, it’s sad.

So here’s to every misunderstood person in the world. It sucks. It really does. No matter the subject, big or small, we’ve all felt this way at some point. There’s always going to be somebody that won’t agree with you when you could be 100 percent right, and that’s frustrating to say the least.

But the feeling of anger comes with the free chance to channel that energy into something positive. Stop wasting time on someone who doesn’t care to know what’s going on with you or is too blinded by their own beliefs to notice- not worth it. Let them go through what they need to, but release yourself from it. You don’t need this.

Surround yourself with people that will understand, and if not, then supportive. I speak about this topic now based off of several encounters recently. A family member doesn’t see a situation the same way you do, or a friend won’t hear you out about a recent life changing decision.

Take care of it now. The relief that comes with cutting off someone who is poisonous to your imagination is unwanted. Remember this the next time someone comes in to test. And don’t ever forget, quality over quantity with people is one of the most used sayings, but it didn’t become that way for the heck of it.


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