With Love, Your Visions

My desk was littered with scissors, glue and scraps of glossy-printed paper. The last time I sat down to cut out a few images of old magazines was years ago. Eager with excitement, going through all of the fashion issues with the hope that one day I’d have my very own. My mood board revolved around that.

Hung on the wall was images of my dream college, hustling people of the city and quotes to live by. That’s what I believed would crutch the important aspiration.

I was majorly different four short years ago, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. Now, the dream I had then is only a small one in comparison to the one I have now. Not only do I want my magazine, but so much more.

I’ve finished my first year of college, experienced and met so many new people and have lived through more than half my summer afterwards. Things have changed.

So now I cast aside the old, fading images and sit down in the same place as four years ago. Radiating music throughout my room and cutting out new scraps with determination. In these pictures are me. I am the woman in the upper right corner standing tall with a hand on my hip. And how coincidental that her hair is about as thick and curly as mine.


I am not living in a place of all black because I am the red colored font ready to create. And most of all, I am the fun clutch to match which represents that I am not and never will be the unaproachable leader.

These are the new images that inspire. I want my magazine, but a successful business environment as well. I will write my own book to cure my constant writing cravings, and I will sell the world my visions.

A mood board is supposed to cast your personal unique future. Whether it’s serene or artistically complex, find the pieces that resemble you. Once completed, don’t forget to check back on the board every so often. Stay on track with a constant supportive reminder.

And don’t forget to share below as us visionaries are entrigued with what others see.


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