In Nature’s Wake

Questions arise in the mind all the time. Whether it’s wondering how to cook a certain recipe or pondering an insightful message, the power of thought has us all entranced. And with some of the burning questions that appear, sometimes the answer is there, but it takes someone or something to show the full meaning.

With me, I’ve had a few pestering thoughts I’ve hoarded in the back of my mind for a few months. And recently, they’ve decided it was enough. So the questions continued to pop up and I’ve grown in frustration desiring the answer, whatever that may be.

But when I step back, the answers are there. They can show themselves in symbols. It can be a number like recently discussed, in a dream or perhaps an animal. Each thing has it’s own interpretation set for each type of thought associated with it. Once they appear and manage to attract your attention, the message/ answer to the question has been delivered.

Recently, butterflies have been the answer to mine- and it took quite a few times to understand. They would circle around me when I walked my dog in the evening or go around my car when I was driving it. Something that sounds so typical at first glance. But it wasn’t until the question came through again when I saw one trying to sneak through my kitchen window.

Besides the repetitiveness, that’s also how I knew that they were the answer. Answers usually show up during the time you think of or ask the question.

So as an answer to mine, butterflies mean change and renewal. They mean the start of something new, and it will be occuring soon. And this type of answer makes complete sense in relation to my question.

As I’ve always been told, spirit works in wonderous ways- and it couldn’t be more perfect.

So tell me your recent experiences in the comments. I love reading what others encounter on their spiritual journeys.


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