The Happiness Uniform

It’s time to brighten up the day in the simplest of forms and start wearing a hint of color. Yes, it’s time to step away from the standard black and white and to stop listening to those who say it makes every outfit. News flash: it can become boring and dull no matter the chic intentions.


Color is a positivity booster in it’s cheapest form. An instant look makes you feel better and helps lighten the mood for a better start to the day.

So dig for that bright pink top you hid in the back of your closet and style it like a pro. Even the greatest designers of all time are caught in the spotlight wearing something other than their favorite neutral.

Here, I mix the idea of the off-shoulder top (one of this year’s big trends) with a pair of cuffed jean shorts. And of course an emerald green statment necklace had to pair with the new hue.


Adding my own spin to the casual look, my chunky laced up sandals are thrown into the outfit as personal preference. It’s then finished off with some reflective sunnies and the typical over-the-shoulder purse.


Top- Shabby Chic
Shorts- American Eagle Outfitters
Necklace- Found during antique shopping
Shoes- Jeffrey Campbell
Purse- Relic
Sunglasses- Charlotte Russe


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