Penny Pinching Spray

Take ahold of your money, salvage the last cent on the neighborhood sidewalk and scrape the couch clean as it’s time to save for the ultimate luxury. Oh the extravagance, a word that makes the unaware cringe and the pining heart desperate for a packed bank account. And alas, once one purchases such a beauty like a new purse, there will be no money to put it in. Pure irony.

The fashion industry is a well-known robber to say the least. Stealing our hearts with innovative, wearable materials and creativity trademarked for the individual to see. Everyone- too gullible to not fall for it at least once. Myself included.

The Dior fashion house is something I’ve wanted to take part in for far too long and have finally done the damage. With an artful mind, this lavish brand creates exclusivity. Authentic materials, the quality to match and a price point that eliminates the opportunity for the purchase of ownership.

So like any other, I walked into the boutique as a pining individual, but found myself to no longer be window shopping. Instead, I was falling. Falling into the trap the common salesman pitches to every victim. Taking a look at not one, but two products. And finally, letting him sell me one of the biggest sizes the store offered.

The professionals will warn you that accessories will be the only product in your price range. Makes sense. Either choose a $1,000 silk top or a $90 perfume with the same brand name. Creating that seeming effect of a fantastic offer. That’s one way they sell you.

How precious to take something so simple, yet make it so rare.

Welcome to the collection Miss Dior. I don’t regret losing my money for you.

-Your Local Penny Pinching Admirer


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