Angel Numbers

And so the daily guidance continues. Numbers are used to give reassurance to personal issues you may be thinking about or any ideas you may have. Whatever the case, the use of a simple number is there to help.

No, it’s not any number either. This number (and it could be more than one) will stand out to you in some sort of way for as many times as it takes for you take notice and either find it’s meaning, or understand why it’s there pertaining to the situation at hand. This could be while you’re driving and see a license plate with a repetitive number, looking at the clock and seeing the same time each day or possibly having a dream where it’s presented to you.

In Doreen Virtue’s book Angel Numbers 101, she gives a thorough description on the meaning of each number 0-999 and the possible reason you may be seeing it. Virtue is one of my favorite authors and can be trusted for advice and guidance with her tools and services as she works with light and positivity. Her angel tarot sets are my absolute go-tos for questions I may have once in awhile.

Lately, my uses for this book have been with numbers that have a similar meaning. The numbers four and 11 have been seen periodically throughout the day and normally when I look at the clock. After looking at their definition, it can be concluded that they mean angels are always there looking out for me during present situations and to keep positivity as my thoughts and ideas are materializing daily.

By looking at the meaning of these numbers and my thoughts at the time, it’s easier to see why four and 11 have been presented constantly. Also after understanding the number, it will most likely disappear, but if you already know the meaning, angels can present it to you during various times in your life for a quick reassurance.

In fact, 11 has been guiding me for awhile, especially during times where I have to make important decisions regarding career or my personal life.

The numbers 2, 4, 7, and 11 also all work directly with angels more as they are there to help answer some of your questions and prayers. When asking for guidance for example, these numbers can also be sent to indicate that your angels are around you and working on the answer for the best possible outcome.

Let me know what numbers have been appearing to you lately– and never hesitate to ask me questions as I will to try to answer them to the best of my ability.


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