Summer Essential

The headline does not lie. Everything worn in these pictures are key pieces I haven’t been able to live without this summer. And of course, Im decked out in the everlasting neutral, black. Although, hopefully the nature-filled background helps to offset this modern fashion dilemna.

Starting with the top, it’s a see-through striped tank that is easy to throw on . It’s an effortless multi-purpose essential that goes with various styled outfits and can act as a layering piece during the cooler weather. It’s paired with a standard pair of black shorts every person needs in their closet.

For everyday it seems like the standard outfit to run around in, but what ties the outfit togther are the underlying accesories.


With a black lace bralette peeking through the seemingly sheer top, it allows for the outfit to lead more to the eye, especially when mixing different textures. This new trendy form of accesorizing is now leaving it’s mark in my wardrobe and it’s starting to look like it might be staying for awhile.

To pair, my favorite platform sandals are thrown into the mix to add that extra edge I seem to crave in my outfits. They not only add height, but also detail to offset some of the bold stripes in the top.

As a whole, this outfit has several universal items that can be utilized all throughout summer and leading into the colder months. Each one can be used to formulate a statement outfit all on it’s own, which is key when maximizing a closet for more outfit possibilities.

Tank- Shabby Chic Creative Studios and Boutique
Bralette- Shabby Chic Creative Studios and Boutique
Shorts- American Eagle Outfitters
Platoforms- Steve Madden


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