Daily Guidance

Life to say the least is an interesting concept. And no matter what you think of it, the one thing that must be taken away is that there is always someone there to help you. Guidance and a sense of direction presents itself everyday with little messages or symbols packed with beneficial meaning. Whether it’s physical or spiritual, both sides help to bring out your best self and lead you into the right direction.

This past year alone my experiences have been magical. I’ve finished my first year of college, have taken a few leaps of self-improvement and the extra advice and reassurance from those adventures are something I hold onto.

Roses for example, mean more to me than the typical associated romance. They are a direct symbol for telling me that it’s simply okay no matter the outcome.

During my first finals week in college I was stressed out like any normal degree bound student. Having been nervous about one exam in particular, I was anxious and jumpy from the moment the test began, until I nearly ran back up to my dorm room afterwards. Fearful of failure and putting on my own pressure to succeed, I wanted the results to be perfect.

After returning to my own safe space, I walked straight to my window and looked out. Watching the people walk by is somehow calming and it helps to focus on others while trying to forget your own current situations. However, they weren’t the first thing I saw when I peered over.

Red rose petals littered the outside edge of my window to my disbelief. I lived in a tall building with nothing but other dorm rooms above me, so it’s not something to be expected.

It was that moment that I knew that everything is just as it is, okay. I knew not to put as much pressure on myself and to not live with a worry that shouldn’t be there. Now when someone gives me a rose, or I find one around me, or it pops up on my phone multiple times through a social media network– everything is as it should be.

This wasn’t the first time that this happened and it won’t be the last. Each day there’s another situation and  everytime there’s someone or something to enlighten the dilemna.

What’s the latest guidance you’ve experienced? And don’t say that you haven’t had any. Wake up, pay attention, start observing and let me know down in the comments.


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