Cleansing Trio

Summer is finally here and that means that I can “actually” begin my beauty routine. I’m not one to have set routines, hence the ” “, but since my summer break hit a few weeks back, these three products have been my go-to every day.

However, summer is the season for giving my skin a break and enhance the hopeful sunkissed glow I’ll have before fall hits. This season is all about giving my skin a well-deserved break, so don’t be surprised if I’m not seen wearing my usual eyeliner or full-coverage foundation.

As pictured above, each of the three products are some type of cleanser used at different times of the day for seperate reasons.

Neutrongena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Starting my day, especially early in the morning, this cleanser eliminates excess oil from the night before and removes any dirt. Neutrogena is a brand that’s been by side since Day 1 of suffering with clogged pores.  This cleanser in particular leaves my skin feeling refreshed with invigorating ingredients. Aside from the generous amount of coffee in the morning, it wakes me up with a lasting grapefruit scent.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser

At night, this is the perfect product to use before bed. This gentle face wash not only eliminates dirt and oil, but also removes makeup such as stubborn waterproof mascara. The creamy consistency goes a long way and leaves skin with a glow after each wash.

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask

This 2-in-1 action product acts as a deep cleansor or mask. For my routine, I use it as a mask once a week to remove any impurities my other cleansers may have missed. Overall, the mask has soothing ingredients to show that it’s working throughout the treatment. Afterwards, my skin is left looking rejuvinated and feeling healthy.

All three of these products helps to ensure the best-looking skin, and proves that it can be shown off confidently.


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