Grounding Companion

During the week so many can become distracted from reality. Yes, you might be completing all of your work at the office and yes, you could’ve just accomplished a milestone in your life. However to truly be connected with spirit and yourself, it is important to reconnect with nature and Earth.

Grounding, in the best definition I can give, is about becoming physically aware of yourself and connection with the body. It is also an act of moving forward with the guidance of spirit and daily endeavors. By being grounded, you have a keen sense of consciousness and are not distracted with symptoms such as dizziness, forgetfulness, spacy thoughts etc.

One of the best ways to ground yourself is to picture a bright white light radiating all throughout the body starting from the head and working it’s way down to the feet. In that process, all of the white light imagined should be eliminating any negative energy and replacing it with peace and positivity. There are people who thrive off of any negative traits, so it’s important to not give off that type of energy. Otherwise, it will reflect back on you.

Once the first step is completed, imagine roots coming out of the feet and pulling you to the center of the earth. You should start to feel the pull in your core as you are being brought back down to your sense of awareness. After you’re finished, you should be relaxed, yet empowered as you cleansed your own energy.

This act should be done whenever one feels the need. There is no such thing as doing it too much.

If having trouble to ground yourself, there are ways to ask and recieve help. Animals are a prime example. Every living thing is made up of energy and are connected with Earth. Animals are always connected. My black lab for instance, always helps me to feel calm and rooted.

When grounding yourself, have your pet sit next to you or with you as they will help you feel more at peace. My black lab never fails to help as he rests next to me and drives me to feel a closer connection.

Other ways to help ground yourself include drinking more water, becoming more involved with outdoor activities and working with different types of crystals.

As a result of this practice, you’ll feel healthier and more on track with your tasks. Grounding is a way to take care of yourself and protect from any negative attributes in life.

So make this part of your routine as their is no excuse when bettering oneself.



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