Summer Beginnings

Pure bliss. As I sit on the front porch with a drink in my hand, I take in the crisp blue sky and an abundance of green from every corner. It’s quiet. A cool breeze wafts through the warm air as the only sound for miles. My black lab is at peace resting under the shade and I’m relaxing with family company I haven’t had in months.

To say the least, I have it easy right now. Lately, horrific news has flooded every pathway of communication and so many are recently affected. Some haven’t had the luxury of dodging their troubles for awhile.

For me, escaping the busy, concrete jungle for a few months and coming home to a rather quiet town is a change and somewhat of a detox. In fact, it’s a reflection. Looking back at this past school year’s accomplishments and a few personal ones, I consider this time well spent.

With the next couple of months coming around, it’s time to gear up for a few new inspirations and plans for future involvements. A collaboration or two are on the way and my writing is taking off like no other. Positivity and motivation radiates through me as “lazy” summer days are not of current priority.

Yes, I am relaxing, but my mind (like the world) is racing. Questions and answers are being thrown around, thoughts of action becoming reality.

Time ticks and another day passes. Instead of the usual, create change. Take that statement as you will and have it ring out to you in the way it should. It will be different for everyone. Find the hidden path of motivation.

As displayed these last few days, life is too short and too precious, but it’s up to you to make every bit count. Grasp your thought of joy and ignite the possibilities. In other words, find your spark and start sharing- as this summer finally begins.


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