Crystal Bracelets

It’s a daily routine. Wake up, get dressed and wear these bracelets on my wrist. So many compliment me on these two dainty accessories, but few understand the meaning they posesss. I’m a big believer in the power of a crsytal, and each type holds one pertaining to certain situations or feelings.

Starting with the gold bangle, citrine and smoky quartz are powefrul helpers. Citrine being my birthstone, gives a tad bit of extra power. This crsytal is a yellow/orange form of a quartz and is meant to clear negative energy and erase self-doubt. It is also worn to promote success, abundance and personal power. This helps me specifically by manifesting my dreams and goals.

Smoky quartz partners with citrine to continue to prevent negative energy and ground the individual. By being grounded, it will further stability in oneself and erase the disconnect from positivity.


Moving onto the second bracelet, it is made entirely out of labradorite which promotes intuitive awareness. By growing up using my “third eye”, this precious stone helps to provide clarity in what is seen. It can also be used to recall dreams from the night before as well as advocate success. A powerful one to say the least.

By wearing these bracelets, they are used as tools to help with my daily endeavors, whether it’s dealing with difficult co-workers or by giving myself some extra reassurance. It definitley helps when a piece of jewelry is more than pretty.


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