Let’s Join Henrie

Contrary to the dreary, cloudy weather outside, the bright neon and welcoming environement of  another New York City cafe setting will bring joy to you and your company. This small retro setting is the new type of “it” place to take friends and family in the city , and the interior is quite interesting.


Along with the retro countertop and neon sign hanging on the front of the building, witty political quotes and commentary flood the walls with few pieces of artwork in between. Waitors and baristas rush around to please the full house and you can’t help, but to notice the mass amount of pink detail in accessories.

Looking at the menu, there are more health-conscious items, but if you have a sweet tooth like me, there are plenty of pastries and breakfast foods such as french toast if you go for brunch.


The food was tasty and the theme of the cafe made the idea of going inviting and intriguing versus a typical restaraunt. The only concern would be the attention to detail some of the servers lacked when it became busy. Being a waitress myself, I do although, understand the effort and stress that type of job endures.

I also admire the idea of being able to purchase novelty items within the cafe and thought their merchandise approach set them apart from others. Their items were of interest and I enjoyed their display at the front counter.

Overall this is an enjoyable place to stop in the downtown area and you will most likely be satisfied with a look back into the past catered with more modern food.


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