Brunch at The Butcher’s Daughter

In NYC, there are restaurants on every corner, but only some of them are worth the positive feedback. On a bright Sunday morning, I ventured down to the SoHo area for some much-needed breakfast food and good company.

After getting off the subway and walking a short distance, I see a white building on a street corner, filled with people all eagerly waiting to enter inside the quaint restaurant/cafe. There’s a hustle and bustle of staff squeezing through small tables outside and rushing through the front door.

There’s a wait of only a few short minutes, but it’s worth it. Once seated outside, I take in the industrial, home-like style and comforting feeling; a small, wooden table paired with yellow chairs, and glass bottle filled with water and a mint sprig.

Everything on the menu looks appetizing, especially the juices for those on a new health cleanse.The Honey Bee is my favortite in taste an immune system boost.

Wanting something more sweet, I went with the french toast and an iced latte, and my friend decided on the timeless avocado toast. The food was delicious and I’d be lying if I said there was anything left on my plate.

With the good-natured staff and overall pleasant, relaxing setting, this area in SoHo is a great area to detox with friends and go shopping later. You’ll love the feeling and will want to return.

Photo courtesy of Krystyna Saravitz


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