Put a Smile in your Style

Fashion design student, Emma Burekhovich, adds happiness everywhere she goes in her fun-filled outfit for the day- and it shows with her bright, smiley face sweater. Her outfit has a relaxed vibe, perfect for any long school day.


She pairs her sweater with denim overalls rolled up at the bottom, and she adds low-cut black boots to her look. To finish it off, she’s wearing some added color with a pop of lipstick. To have the outfit look even more casual, you can pull down one of the straps of the overalls.


Burekhovich’s style consists of fun prints throughout the majority of her outfits. You can always see her rock some cool stripes or a unique top during the weekdays. If not, then you can be sure to see her in a few signature flare skirts with the same low-cut boots as pictured above.


Her bubbly personality is something you can’t resist and she always makes an effort to do her best. You can most likely find her at The Fashion Institute of Technology, where she works on new collections as an aspiring fashion designer or back at home in Brooklyn where she spends time on the weekends.

Sweater- Forever 21
Overalls- Forever 21
Boots- Steve Madden



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